Henry Radio Amplifiers
for Amateur radio
HF Solid State, 160-10M


Pictures are of SS750.
SS1200 is longer and has higher power boards
See SpecificationsPrices

SSHF005.jpg (16335 bytes)
Front View
Real current meter

SSHF006.jpg (22474 bytes)
Filter board
Notice quality parts and construction.

SSHF007.jpg (25518 bytes)
Interior view showing RF boards, splitter, combiner, relay
Quality boards and wire loom, not found in other amps!

SSHF008.jpg (23746 bytes)
Bottom cover flipped up

SS-RC control head VERY small
(3"Wx 3"Dx1.75"H, exclusive of connectors and switch batt handles)

SS-RC includes 20 feet of control cable and mounting bracket)
I still have some empty punched aluminum boxes available. E-mail for info

SSHF009.jpg (15979 bytes)
Rear panel


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