Radiodan BIRD Henry Tohtsu Samlex RFI chokes
Coax connectors for RF coaxial cables
PL-259, UHF, N connector, reducer adapters UG-175, UG-176
Special two piece N connectors
Andrew L7PNF N-female for LDF7-50A 1 5/8" heliax

These are high quality, no junk!

These Silver plated Teflon Coax connectors and reducer adapters are just what you need to complete that great coax cable! These are much better than those connectors that are made who-knows-where and out of who-knows-what material. Why should you care? Loss of precious RF! Because you can cause intermittents and ruin a perfectly good cable run by using junk connectors. They may short or leak precious RF by a bad dielectric material or will definitely be hard to solder and thereby cause you to OVERHEAT the entire connection just to get your solder to stick! Not a problem with our connectors. These silver plated connectors EASILY solder with minimal heat.

Our special two-piece type "N" connectors are just as easy to work with as a standard PL-259! No more problem in assembling all those parts in a standard N connector. This two-piece N is also silver plated Teflon with a gold center pin for easy solder and assembly with superior loss characteristics well into the multi GHz region!

UG-175 adapters for RG-58 size coax
UG-176 adapters for RG-8X, mini 8U, RG-59 size coax.


2 piece type N connector for RG-8 RG-213 9913 LMR400

PL-259 Silver plated Teflon dielectric

Two piece "N" Silver plated Teflon

UG-175 For RG58 - UG-176 for RG8X, RG59

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"N" connector $6 each or 3 for $15
PL-259 $2.95 each or 4 for $10
UG-175 or UG-176 adapters $0.75 each
Plus shipping


Genuine "Coax-Seal", worlds best product for sealing all type of outdoor electrical connections. Especially useful for RF connectors to keep moisture out. Easy to apply. 1/2" x 24", enough for 4 connectors $2.50



For 1 5/8" hardline heliax Solid brass, silver plated. Replaces L47APN.
Qty 2 only
$95 each + ship

(regular price $278 each)
Andrew L7PNF N-female precision connector for
LDF7-50A 1 5/8" heliax
BRAND NEW in Andrew original box, all parts and instructions in original bags

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