Henry Radio Amplifiers

Electrolytic capacitors

160 uf @ 450 WVDC
($25 each or 8 for $189
.95 plus ship)


These replacement capacitors are used in all Henry amps made after 1970 for high voltage filtering and sold in lots of 8 units (8 x 160 uf = 20 uf total at 3600 vdc, with safety factor) for complete replacement. WE DO NOT recommend that you only replace one or two that show bad. If one is bad then they are all right around the corner from going bad. They fail over time due to drying out and then shorting. When they short they MAY take other expensive components with them. For safety and convenience, we recommend replacing all 8 at one time.
We also recommend replacing all electrolytic capacitor balancing resistors together as well.(see below)


Henry has used a few different values (160, 170, 180 uf) over the years but these will replace all units and fits as direct replacements in amps like Henry 2KD Class, 2KD-5, 1KD-5, 2K Classic and also as used in many other brands of amplifiers. All that is really needed is a total of 16 uf or more. (you determine suitability in non-Henry amps)


Size: 35mm diameter x 80mm long (excl screw terminals), 13mm center to center for screw terminals

Set of 8 for $189.95 + ship 
20K 20W balancing resistor $15 each
40K 20W resistor $15 each


Resonating capacitor for power supply choke
.1 uf @ 7.5 KV $
.2 uf @ 15KV $

Filter capacitor
16 uf @ 7.5 KV $200

Plus ship

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