Radiodan W7RF

Receiver Antenna Protector
Protect that sensitive receiver antenna input

High quality relay box is designed as an interface between your receiver antenna input and your receive-only antenna.

The RAP-1 uses a DPDT relay to completely disconnect a receive-only antenna during transmit to keep RF from getting into the rig and causing problems.
Both the center conductor AND shield are disconnected to keep RF that may on the shield from getting to the radio.
A 50 ohm resistor is switched across the receiver input during transmit for proper receiver input termination.

Get one BEFORE you damage your radio's sensitive receiver antenna input!
RCA jacks in and out
Needs 9-15 VDC at only
16 ma! 

Add optional RCA cable (male RCA both ends), 6 feet long $4 each or 2 for $7

Receiver Antenna Protector


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