Henry Radio Amplifiers
Transmitting vacuum Tubes at discount from Radiodan W7RF

High Power tubes

We no longer carry, nor do we recommend EIMAC tubes.

We have had good performance from Greenstone tubes.
Henry used Greenstone exclusively in the last 7 seven years of their amplifier production

Prices subject to change

3-500ZG $195 each or $390/matched pair
8877 (3CX1500A7) $745
3CX3000A7 $795

We also carry glass chimneys for 3-500 tubes click here

4CX250B EIMAC NEW old stock 9606 date code $135 (new in box) (one in stock)
2C39A NEW old stock, EIMAC, $35 each (only TWO in-stock)

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New warranty:
Greenstone 2 years


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