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Should your amplifier require service


Henry Radio makes an effort to provide customer service on many items manufactured by them since the original 2K in 1963. However, many of the original parts suppliers used more than 30 years ago are no longer in business. Where possible, we have found alternative suppliers, but there are some parts that are simply not available any longer. Of course, all current models are fully supported.

If you find yourself requiring service for a Henry amplifier, the first step would be to contact the factory via e-mail, letter, telephone or fax. We can help you make the determination of what service might be required, and if the unit needs to be returned for factory service. Within reasonable time constraints, our technicians are available to offer advice on your service problem.

The majority of repairs on Henry tube amplifiers are handled in the field, with the advice of factory technicians and parts support from the factory. Most Henry tube amplifiers are heavy and difficult to pack and ship safely by the end user. It is to the users benefit if the amplifier can be repaired without shipping.

If it is eventually determined that the unit must be shipped back, consider sending just the RF chassis. It is lighter and easy to pack and is less susceptible to damage. The factory can often supply packing boxes for a unit that must come back.

When you pack your amplifier for shipment back to the factory, be sure to follow these guidelines:

Always remove glass tubes and accessories and pack them carefully in a second box.

Always use a new, heavy duty box most carriers will automatically reject a claim on a used box.

Pack your amplifier carefully with at least 3 of packing around every surface, and use a packing material that is appropriate for the weight of the product.

Insure each box for the full value of the contents.

Include a concise written description of the problem, including your phone number so that we can get back to you. Also advise how you wish to pay for the repairs.

Call and confirm with HENRY the proper shipping address and get their advise on the best carrier for shipping.

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