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The original model 2K (1963)
serial number "1"


Well, RADIODAN must be living a clean life or something to be lucky enough to come across such a find!

I've just acquired the very first HENRY amplifier to ever be produced!

A truly incredible find, in beautiful condition and well cared for over its 35 years.

It appears all original and works perfectly, just as it did new in 1963!



Henry 2K serial number 1

Even the Power tubes are the original Eimac 3-400Z with a date code of 6338 (38th week of 1963).

This Amplifier was procured by W6VX (ex WU6T) for me from the estate of W6TOF.

I personally had this amplifier ON-THE-AIR
here at W7RF on 10-28-98
It still puts out 1200 watts!

This amplifier was produced when the legal limit for Hams was 1KW input to the final (This would yield about 600-700 watts output)


See more pictures of this vintage 2K 


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