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Heavier loading safer for tubes


Heavier loading is safer for tubes

When tuning up a typical grounded grid amplifier you will apply a small amount of drive 10-20 watts and QUICKLY adjust the tune (plate) capacitor for a dip in plate current which will correspond to a near  peak in output power. Then quickly adjust the load control for maximum power output on a wattmeter. Apply full recommended drive power (lets assume 100 watts) and adjust tune and load again. do this quickly until there is no more power out to be had.

Tune-up with weak power supply desktop amplifiers should be done using a "pulser" or electronic keyer using dits set at about 30WPM. This is because you don't want to overly stress the computer capacitor non choke type power supply so common in many of today's light weight amplifers

With a HENRY you can just key down on CW or FM and not worry about pulsing. It can take it!


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