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Henry SS750HF

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** No longer in production **


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Solid State Linear Amplifiers for HF Communications

Henry Radio now supplies a complete line-up of transistorized linear power amplifiers for any application which requires medium power RF in the HF frequency range. Like all Henry amplifiers supplied during the last 35+ years, these models are engineered for long life under difficult operating conditions. High quality components are used in conservative designs to maximize your performance.
Features not found in competing models include standard cooling fans (thermostat controlled), over-temperature shutoff, an extra large heatsink, and current metering. You also have the capability of a remote control head for amplifier control.

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      RF Input Power: 100 watts nominal  

Frequency range: 1.8-30 MHz
Output Power:


750 watts max. (SS750) 13.8VDC @ 100A 9"w x 5"h x 15"d. (SS750)


Shipping Weight:
25 lbs (SS750)

Devices used:
SS750 - 2SC2879 (X8)

Mode: SSB, FM, AM or RTTY. Metering: DC amps at 13.8VDC.
Harmonic Attenuation: 60 dB down nominal. Input/Output Impedance: 50 ohms unbalanced

Cabinet Type: Mobile package standard.

Amplifier Cooling: Standard fans (thermostat)
Rack mount optional Remote control head optional
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor. RF Connectors: UHF (SO239) type.


It is the users responsibility to operate this and all amplifiers in a legal manner.


Made in the U.S.A.

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